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When you develop bespoke software for your business needs, it is not an expense. It is an investment, an investment in your business, an investment in your people and an investment in your future. At Orana, we understand this and ensure your investment is the best decision you ever made!

Needs Analysis

User Research

Project Roadmap

Goal Setting

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User Journey

UX Design

Visual Design

product Architecture


User Prototyping

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Agile Development

Testing and Quality Control

Project Management

Backend Development


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go live Strategy

User Monitoring

Performance Analytics


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Orana Custom Software

Everything Starts With a Rock Solid Product Blueprint

With over 25 years of continuous software development, we have certainly learnt a thing or two. Probably the biggest single factor of failure in any software development is a lack of understanding and engagement. The most successful projects are those that create a comprehensive software blueprint which covers just about every aspect of the product.

At Orana, we want success with every project and therefore to have the highest probability of this, we will refuse to undertake any project without a comprehensive software blueprint in place.

Do you provide a fixed price contract?

Our discovery and design workshops are fixed prices. However, we do not provide a fixed price for our software development, but rather a guide. You can find out more on why we do this by downloading our free guide to custom software development.

How long does a typical project take?

It really depends on the scale and complexity. As a general rule of thumb, you are looking at a minimum of three months up to 2 years for highly complex projects.

Do you provide reference sites?

The privacy and security of our customers come first, always. As a general rule, we will never publically mention our customers, and for a good reason. Your data and operations are sensitive, and us telling the world you are using our software development teams means hackers and the like can use this to understand your business and backend infrastructure. Exploitation begins with the weakest link, and we do not want to be that link.

What is your resource base?

Like most software development houses, we use a mix of local and overseas developers. We use this mix due to skill scarcity and ensuring costs of kept low. We have local resident resources in Australia, UK, and the USA.

We also place an experienced BA onsite, either full-time or part-time, for the project’s duration.

User-Centric Design

We ensure the User Experience (UX) gets the highest priority in the entire process. Functionality is important, but user satisfaction is critical. We will sketch out (mock) the user interface to visualise before any coding begins.

Our Developers Are Software Veterans

Our developers are highly experienced and passionate. Some have even said for are all ‘geeks’ who love technology far too much!

Our resident skills:

  • .NET Core
  • .NET Blazor
  • NodeJS
  • PHP
  • ReactJS
  • AngularJS
  • VueJS

OK, So You Have Software…Now What? Launch & Maintain With Confidence.

You have invested in the software, and now you need to invest in your investment. Software changes and security updates occur at an ever-increasing rate, and your software must be updated and relevant.

At Orana, we put together a comprehensive maintenance strategy that ensures your investment does not get left behind.

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 With over 25 years of software development behind me, I have put together a must have guide of the 8 critical considerations you as a business should have when getting bespoke software developed. Bespoke software development is a very exciting journey, with many challenges along the way. The outcomes in terms of business value and productivity gains make it so worthwhile. Don’t get caught, know the facts and get the right people on your side.

Roger Graham MACS CP

Roger Graham MACS CP

Founder and CEO

Let our team at Orana help you with your next bespoke application. With a world of experience, we are well positioned to take on your next project. With the separation of the project into smaller components, it means you can undertake an investigation before committing to a large project.

Why Choose Us

With so many choices available, why should you choose us?

Software Development

We are experts in the SaaS software development. With over 25 years of experience (we haven’t added up our combined years yet) you can be assured of rock solid and practical advice. For us it is not just about getting a project, it is about getting a customer for life.

Roadmap & Strategy

We take the time to ensure the roadmap and you strategy are clearly documented. The blueprint is the most critical aspect of the entire journey and sets you up for success.

Our goal is to ensure your project succeeds.

Data backups

Many developers overlook the risks associated with development. At Orana, we take no chances. With full regression backups in place, you can rest assured your investment is in safe hands every step of the way.

Backend & API Development

While the backend and API are never seen by the users, it forms a critical aspect of all software development. We are experts at backend design and API development. We are also highly experienced in seamless integration with 3rd party API’s.

User Centric Experiences

Before we even write one line of code, we create a User Experience flow to ensure the software will meet the expectations of your users. User adoption is critical with any new software application. We want to ensure your users love using the software on a daily basis.

WorldClass Support

Customer Driven Innovation is our driver. We strive for absolute customer excellence, and so does every team member of our business. We recognise the absolute importance of keeping our customers happy and informed every step of the way. We are so confident with our level of service, we will give you contact details for every single person in our company.

Already Know the Details of Your Project?

At Orana, there is no obligation to commit. At each one of our software development steps, you are free to walk away. Each step is individually billed (if applicable), ensuring you commit only the time and money you are prepared invest each step of the way.