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Bespoke SaaS Application Development

We create powerful SaaS Applications using our SECURE and HIGH PERFORMANCE SaaS Development Platform, which delivers AMAZING results for our CUSTOMERS and YOURS!

Roger Graham MACS CP

Founder and CEO, Orana Software

Complementary Assessment

Any commitment to a SaaS Application development project requires not only investment in terms of money, but also an investement in terms of time and buy-in from your business.

We will spend a day, either remotely or in person, going through your requirements to ensure what you want to achieve is possible and realistically achievable in your timeframe and budget.

This day is entirely complementary and provides the ground work to ensure both parties understand the project requirements.

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Get a realistic obligation free assessment if your next project is achievable in the time and budget allowed.

Complementary Software

100% Complimentary

You get an entire day of our time to talk through your project, get input and discuss the reality in terms of investment.

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At Orana Software, we value the opportunity to assist you with your bespoke development.

With the option to get your solution built quicker and cheaper using our integrated and secure platform is completely your choice.

Get in touch today, and see what Orana can do for you!

The Orana Software Custom Development Journey

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With over 25 years of software development behind me, I have put together a must have guide of the 8 critical considerations you as a business should have when getting bespoke software developed. Bespoke software is a very exciting journey, with many challenges along the way. The outcomes in terms of business value and productivity gains make is so worthwhile, provided you do it propertly. Don’t get caught, know the facts and get the right people on your side.

Roger Graham MACS CP

Roger Graham MACS CP

Founder and CEO

Let our team at Orana help you with your next bespoke application. With a world of experience, we are well positioned to take on your next project. With the separation of the project into smaller components, it means you can undertake an investigation before committing to a large project.


Our unique features set us apart in the bespoke software development arena.

User experience

User Experience Design

Our core belief is creating a great user experience, not just building a product.

Software design

Software Design

Software Design is more than just screens, buttons and colours. It is a user focussed approach to ensure every detail is correct.

Software Development

Software Development

We create bespoke web and mobile applications, placing an organisation in control and removing the limitations associated with out-the-box systems.

Saas Platform

SAAS platform

Our pre-built SaaS platform ensures you get up and running quicker. Our high security and high performance runs on Microsoft Azure.

Your development team

Your Development Team

We have a collective of highly skilled people who share our passion for creating a great user experience.

Ongoing support

Ongoing support

The biggest mistake that gets made is to think software is a set and forget. It never is, and we ensure your investment stays modern and up to date using our ongoing support model.

Book Your Free Assessment NOW!

Book your FREE session now to discuss your project and requirements. It is a prelude to your complementary discovery session.

Orana SaaS Platform Technology Stack

At Orana, we firmly believe in security, reliability, and working with a standard representing our industry. When developing bespoke applications in our SaaS Platform, we only use the Microsoft full development stack. Our technology is developed using .Net Core running on Microsoft Blazor technology. Your application will run exclusively on the Microsoft Azure platform either using our resources or your own, and we make extensive use of the numerous advanced platform features this offers us.

For those bespoke developments not using our SaaS Platform, we can develop your solution in your language of choice as we have a vast range of talented resources to hand.

Azure App Services

Azure App Services

Azure SQL

Azure SQL Services

Visual Studio

Visual Studio .Net Core

Azure Software as a Service

Azure Software as a Service

Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory

Azure Functions

Azure Functions

Azure Front Door

Azure Frontdoor

Azure Devops

Azure DevOps